Naume children’s foundation: We provide help where help is needed the most.

GIZEH provides assistance to a support team based in North Uganda, Africa, an area plagued by civil war.

The victims of this civil war are mainly children. More than half of them live alone in the Gulu district of North Uganda.

Many children have fled or escaped the army but have subsequently suffered serious illness, become traumatized, suffer from infectious diseases and even starvation. They no longer have homes and are forced to live in temporary camps. There is limited medical care and opportunities for a meaningful education are scarce.

The Naume Children's Foundation is committed to the long term within the Gulu-Norduganda region for:

  • School and education
  • Construction of a boarding school for bright but needy children
  • Basic medical services
  • Supply of clean food and water

Foundation board members and volunteer teams travel to the crisis region at their own expense to implement the foundation's goals. The children and youth of Gulu-Northern Uganda need fast and unbureaucratic help.