Ferdi Streich now with a cute fox face

The Westfälische Wurstwarenfabrik Stockmeyer has enjoyed ongoing successful with the children's sausage brand Ferdi Fuchs. With Ferdi Streich, Stockmeyer offers a turkey and pork spread cream offered in a convenient resealable cup. In a recent marketing development the cup now carries a lid shaped with the face of a cute fox - a real eye-catcher on the supermarket shelf.
GIZEH Verpackungen developed the lid especially for the children's brand. The challenge of creating an immediately recognizable fox face with pointed ears and typical whiskers suitable for the already existing mug has been fully achieved by GIZEH. Ferdi can now be immediately identified by his little fans on the shelf.
The bright red lid is made by injection molding. The In-mold label is applied concurrently.
The attractive curvy 100 g container is also produced and decorated by GIZEH Verpackungen. The flat cup is thermoformed and then decorated with two side and one base label, which is adapted to the shape of the container and placed precisely
GIZEH Verpackungen was able to achieve the ambitious lid project within a few months in close cooperation with the customer Stockmeyer.