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December 2017

Quality at GIZEH – A Perfect Score in Multisensory Measurement

Always being at the cutting edge of technology is a challenge that we are pleased to set ourselves – especially in the quality assurance.  Gizeh is pleased to announce the latest highlight in its measurement capabilities; a new, state of the art multisensory CNC measuring machine which uses three different sensors in one device: optical, tactile and laser measurement.
In optical technology, the edges of an object are measured using pre-programmed points. Different lenses with universal zoom optics and different focal lengths are available for this purpose. In tactile measurement, slim sensor cleats capture the dimensions of a product. Finally, with the point laser, a contour measurement in the height plane is made in the optical beam path. In addition, the combination of optical, tactile and laser measurement can be used.
For each GIZEH container, programming is required only once. The data can then be retrieved again at any time. The quality assurance staff are pleased: "We now have a complete evaluation available within a short time." In addition, the high measurement and repeat accuracy allows a more exact adaptation to the design specifications.