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September 2015

A new spread in a double pack: Chambelle Streich

The private meat producer Reinert has given its gourmet range “Chambelle” a new look, which emphasizes the high quality level of these specialities. At the same time the product family was extended: Chambelle is now also available as a spreadable delicate creamy bread topping in a matt black plastic bowl. The product is offered in a double pack with a cardboard sleeve. Now also the target group of users of Spreads can get Chambelle.

GIZEH Verpackungen produces the fine oval shaped containers, which highlight their premium quality by the noble matt black surface. The multilayer bowls are thermoformed by GIZEH with an EVOH aroma barrier which serves to prevent the ingress of oxygen and thus extends the shelf-life of the contents. A membrane bottom ensures a temperature-related volume compensation.

GIZEH through their expertise were able to swiftly implement the new pack: It took only a few months from the first idea to the delivery of the finished containers.