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August 2018

Fruity refreshment for the summer - The new Andros smoothies

Fruity refreshment for the summer - The new Andros smoothies
In keeping with the warm Summer season, Andros has launched three new cool smoothies to the French market. Consumer taste-buds are tempted by the exotic flavours of mango-passion fruit, raspberry-litchi and strawberry-banana, all benefiting from a totally healthy recipe. These new flavours boast 100% natural fruit with no added sugar.
GIZEH Verpackungen produces the 220g containers using a thermoforming process and are made from polypropylene with an integral barrier layer of EVOH. This combination delivers outstanding shelf-life without using unnecessary and unwanted food additives.
Working closely with the Andros marketing team, Gizeh have created real product transparency. A clear pot with clear printed shrink-sleeve ensures maximum visibility of product along with a rainbow of eye-catching colours to encourage sales and provide consumer information.
For convenience to suit our ever-busy life styles on the go, the mug comes with a drinking lid in the corresponding Andros Green branding colour.