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May 2018

"Good things come in small packages" - two refreshing new desserts for the French market

With the beginning of spring arrives two new novelty desserts produced for the French refrigerated shelves.
Sensation Fondante" (left) is a light, airy mouse produced by our customer Novandie, whilst our customer Lactalis has launches a refreshing and delicious blend of fruits and yoghurt under the brand "Laitière".
Both 110g containers are manufactured by GIZEH from polypropylene using state of the art  in-line -thermoforming, this system offers very high process speed with cost-effective results
The high clarity grade PP provides the consumer with an exceptional view of the delicious and vibrant contents
The recognisable two swings logo of Sensation Fondante is printed onto the ergonomic curve of the cup to enhance product recognition. This soft curve is more demanding to print compared with standard geometrically straight walls but Gizeh have perfected the application with dazzling results.
The "Laitière" cup achieves its effect by the fact that its design elements are slightly elevated. The shaft and logo are both visually and tactile perceptible.