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February 2015

Mmmh … Exquisa – fit for Asia

The classic Cream Cheese produced by Exquisa can now be found on the shelves of Asian supermarkets. The round 95mm diameter pack provides a very appetizing appearance, via the gloss and shine of the different shades of blue in the decorative shrink-sleeve  that makes an excellent contrast with the soft white curved rim of the lid.

In producing this packaging, GIZEH scores in being able to perfect the combination of its manufacturing and decorating technology:

During the thermoforming of the tub, it is equipped, via an in-line process with an oxygen and light barrier, which protects the product flavour and also extends the shelf life. The decorative shrink-sleeve is applied after forming  of the pot via a separate in-house Gizeh procedure. The lid is decorated with an in mould-label during the injection moulding  process.

Once again this pack proves to demonstrate to Gizeh customers the efficiencies of the combination of manufacturing techniques it can provide from one source and under one roof.