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December 2015

New prospects for full-surface decoration

Up until now, the complete decoration of the side of a cup was only possible with cardboard wraps, shrink sleeves or IML labels. Stackable cups with printed designs, on the other hand, always had a large white edge of varying sizes. GIZEH has already been providing customers with high-quality and sophisticated decorations in the offset printing segment for quite some time. The latest development in GIZEH's offset printing process, however, opens up a world of new possibilities for customers, meaning that a printed GIZEH cup can now also compete with cardboard sleeves and similar solutions in terms of appearance.
The 500ml container used for the brand "Mona" by Campina is a prime example of this new development, with the ingenious technology enabling virtually the entire surface (from the top to the bottom) of the side of the cup to be printed. The irritating white edge in the upper and lower segments is now a thing of the past because the print area also includes the surface of the stacking segments!
GIZEH has also broken new ground where its production process is concerned and as a result, the cup material is now available with a soft and silky texture and a high-quality matt appearance. The mix of materials gives the cup a natural look and makes it pleasant to touch thanks to its paper-like feel.
The overall result offers users a cost-effective solution that can definitely stand out from the pack when compared with other processes. We are happy to inform you about the new possibilities provided by this process and to send you a sample cup.