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April 2016

Striking appearance of the market leader

Dvaro is a well-known and popular brand for dairy products in Lithuania. Together with GIZEH, trademark owner Pieno Zvaigzdes has produced a new independent brand appearance by moving  away from the “standard”.
GIZEH developed an oval shaped pack, which meets the requirements of the market leader and in addition also offers a number of extras:
Information: The pot is decorated all-round and provides a lot of room for text and images.
Transparency: The full-surface decoration enables the consumer to see the contents via two curved windows.
Quality: The high quality labels shows all appetizing details and necessary information.
Form: The oval shape with the little foot is much more than round standard. The form is independent, handy and comfortable for eating with a spoon.

GIZEH manufactures the pot by the injection moulding process while at the same time it is decorated with a bottom and side label via In-Mould-Labelling. Production of the pots takes place at the GIZEH  Polish site near Poznan.
The new 200g IML-packaging replaces the customers previous pack with a cardboard cover.