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October 2017

Unique cup – unique taste

Parmalat Canada Inc. is launching two new dessert highlights and ensures that its distinctive packaging is bringing a breath of fresh air into the Canadian cold stores.
The new premium yogourts Astro Athentikos (two different flavors of Greek yogourt mousse) and Astro Original Parfait (Balkan yogourt parfait with strawberry, peach and pineapple) are presented to the customers in a waistline-shaped cup in two-pack or four-pack units.
Together with Parmalat Canada Inc. the GIZEH creative team has developed the unique cup for these unique premium yogourt desserts. The 150g pot compromises polypropylene and is produced in a thermoforming process. Afterwards, the packaging is decorated by using a shrink-sleeve which brilliantly depicts the high resolution imaging of fruits reflecting the elevated requirement of the content.
The Astro Original Parfait has a transparent bottom area, which acts as a window, and shows the fruit ingredients of the delicious content. Parmalat is launching the new products with a large-scale campaign.