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September 2016

Frosch: New design washing-up liquid range in collaboration with GIZEH

There is certainly no need to hide this bottle of washing-up liquid away in the cleaning cupboard: The bottle has been deliberately designed to catch the eye and be easy on the hand. A matt white shrink sleeve around the drop-shaped bottle gives the product a high-quality, refined appearance and a pleasant, velvety feel. The bottle is adorned with one out of a total of five different Frosch comic figures. All of the product information is included on a sticker that can be peeled back and removed without leaving any residue in order to ensure that there is no text on the bottle itself to interfere with its harmonious overall appearance.
GIZEH manufactures the bottles from PET. The 400ml containers are manufactured in a one-stage injection stretch blow molding process, with the design elements then being added in a shrink sleeve process. The bottle is sealed using a push-pull seal and can be refilled at any time thanks to the screw cap and practical Frosch refill pack. 
The launch of the new decorative Frosch Aloe Vera bottle is the second product launch resulting from the collaboration between Werner & Mertz, a company with a long tradition behind it, and GIZEH. Back in 2015, GIZEH supported the development of the "Frosch Reine Pflege” range of soaps, which focuses on natural ingredients, providing a high-quality design packaging line.