/// In-mould Labelling

An important highlight in injection moulding is the in-mould labelling process as a decoration procedure. Here, special printed labels are automatically inserted into the injection mould tool before the mould is filled with plastic. This process enables the production and decoration of a lid or container in a single process and is thus time-saving and cost-efficient. GIZEH works with a number of different labelling materials (plastic labels (EE, ETR, EUH, EWR, LIM), paper labels (EE)) in different material strengths. Special labels can also be used to create a metallic effect, for example.

IML: Additional advantages

  • High quality
    The label is inseparably bonded with the product and is thus resistant to moisture and temperature, as well as scratches and tears.
  • Bright appearance
    Large number of colours, all-round decoration and no borders from head to toe
  • Recycling
    When packaging and label are made of the same material, they can be recycled as secondary material.