/// Thermoforming


GIZEH can look back on decades of experience in the thermoforming of polystyrene and polypropylene. And the trend is clear: Really lightweight prodcuts can be produced at ever greater speed. We have more than 700 forms in a range of up to 1 litre filling volume, produced with multi-layer extruders in in-line processes.

In the in-line process, sheets from plastic granules are first produced by means of extrusion, and they are then moulded into thin-walled containers or lids.

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GIZEH provides many unusual forms + special equipment, such as:

  • Base vacuum release for products which can be de-moulded (base sealing / de-moulding nipple)
  • Complex geometries (e.g. triangular, free forms, multiple compartments, etc.)
  • Multi-layer film structure (multiple colours)