A fruity refreshment for the summertime - the new Andros smoothies

Heading into the warmer season, Andros brought out three new and cool smoothie flavors on the French market. Mango-passionfruit, raspberry-lychee and strawberry-banana were the three new flavors set to entice consumers and thanks to their all-round healthy recipe with 100% fruit and no added sugar, they are certainly something to rave about.

GIZEH Verpackungen produces the 220g containers from polypropylene in a thermoforming process. The containers are equipped with an EVOH barrier layer in order to protect the fresh contents against any environmental influences and to make sure they stay fresher for longer without the need for additives. When it comes to decoration, Andros has opted for a highly transparent sleeve which not only details all the necessary information, but also draws attention to the product and gives the customer a sneak peek of the smoothie. The bottle has a lid in brand colors so that the smoothies can be enjoyed on the go. With their fruity-colored contents and green lid, Andros smooties are real eye-catchers on refrigerator shelves.