Packaging solutions which are just as individual as your product

You can spot GIZEH packaging on supermarket shelves everywhere. We are the leading manufacturer of numerous sophisticated packaging solutions in the food sector. These solutions include pots, bowls, cans and bottles - with or without lids and a capacity of between 50 to 2500 ml. Dairy products, gourmet food, sausages, ready meals and confectionery are all distributed and sold in the three billion plastic containers we produce each year.

We understand the requirements of our customers in the food industry and we can give your product the perfect shell: packaging which not only draws attention to the contents, but also highlights the product strength and provides protection to boot.

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Together with our customers, we strive to create primary packaging which communicates with the customer at the POS, appealing to their emotions. You can use the handy tool below to explore various forms and get inspired. What are the possibilities? What forms are feasible?

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