Two-compartment pots for Müller

GIZEH, the specialist in plastic packaging, developed a new two-compartment pot specially for the launch of a new line of yoghurt-desserts by Müller. The pot combines the Müller yoghurt with pieces of Milka, Oreo or Daim and is offered in several varieties.

During development, we focused on creating a striking, high-quality appearance. As such, the pot has a white inner layer and an outer layer which changes colour depending on the contents - red for Daim, blue for Oreo and violet for Milka. All content information can be found on a three-sided label on the external side of the large compartment, as well as on a bottom label. The base colour for the three-sided label matches the pot’s outer colour so that a harmonious union is created between the label and the pot base colour. What’s more, the pot is high-quality to the touch and has a reliable snap function. The two-compartment pot is produced from polystyrene in a thermoforming process.

As a specialist in technically sophisticated solid plastic packaging, GIZEH has in-depth knowledge and expertise, particularly when it comes to developing two-compartment pots. This pot is already the ninth two-compartment pot in our range. GIZEH is an expert in all the standard production processes, this includes both injection molding in connection with in-mold labelling, as well as thermoforming in PP and PS with labelling or direct printing, both analogue and digital. The pots themselves can be coloured, multi-coloured or transparent. A wide range of shapes is possible, from round to square, and even unorthodox forms.

The new Müller yoghurt-dessert in the GIZEH two-compartment pot is available in supermarket fridges in the following combinations: Milka chocolate chips & yoghurt, Milka chocolate chips & vanilla yoghurt, Oreo pieces & yoghurt and Daim & yoghurt.