CO2: Out of the atmosphere, into the packaging

The gas CO2, which is rather problematic for the climate, shows itself from a completely new side: the Swiss Migros is the first supplier of PET bottles made from captured carbon that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere. For this, the Migros subsidiary Mibelle Group won the German Packaging Award in the sustainability category this year. The bottles contain up to 30% PET obtained from CO2 (with mass balance) and still have the same quality as conventional PET obtained from petroleum.

GIZEH processes the CO2 recycled material in injection stretch blow moulding and supplies the Mibelle Group with crystal clear PET bottles for mouthwash (400ml) and liquid soaps (300ml).

The big plus: packaging made from carbon emissions not only reduces petroleum consumption, but also binds greenhouse gas, does not require land or food resources and yet can be put into existing recycling quite normally.