Careers at GIZEH Verpackungen

I completed my dual study and training programme in industrial management at GIZEH almost ten years ago now and I remember what I was told on my first day of training to this very date: “Every man is the architect of his own fortune.” And I can tell you that it’s true. I am now responsible for training and supervising young people in GIZEH’s main facility and I am pleased that the training programme offered at GIZEH has continued to develop.

What can you expect at GIZEH Verpackungen?

Your training course will start with an introduction week where you will meet all new trainees and get to know GIZEH a little better. In the days that follow, you and the other new trainees will attend a communication seminar where you will learn about business communication, self-perception and how others perceive you and the ability to take criticism during appraisals. During a Finance Fit seminar, you will then get to know some tips and tricks which come in handy for starting your professional career, as well as for personal future. Naturally, the highlight of the week is the excursion with your fellow trainees. Some examples are past excursions are: go-karting, white water rafting and laser race.

You’ll then begin the exciting stage of receiving training in each department under the wing of a qualified trainer. What’s more, you’ll benefit from exam preparation and language courses, as well as business and industrial-technical in-house training courses. We try to challenge and support you in the best way possible during your training. At GIZEH, no one day is the same and you are always kept on your toes!

Laura Mathies