A distinctive look for a sophisticated dessert

Our long-standing customer Pieno žvaigždės owns a number of renowned leading brands which produce dairy products in the Baltics. Pieno žvaigždės has collaborated with GIZEH Verpackungen to create a series of pots which give their special yoghurts and desserts the wow factor when placed on refrigerator shelves.

The task

Anything but standard, as the motto goes. The task: create an individual brand image. Another aspect of the task was to reduce the variety of forms used by the customer. The new packaging shape should be clearly recognisable and suitable for all brands.

The solution

GIZEH has developed a range of containers which stand out against the round standard in both form and decoration.

Feature overview


  • The selection: an oval base form on a little pedestal.
  • This oval shape creates one longer and one straighter side. The longer side makes the product attractive whilst it sits on fridge shelves. The smaller, straighter side makes the pot particularly handy and spoon-friendly.

Decoration / Information

  • The all-round decoration produced in an IML process also incorporates the small pedestal and there is plenty of space for content pictures and information.
  • High-quality IML labels are an excellent way to detail all the appetizing information. Some kinds even glisten thanks to their exclusive metallic effect.
  • The sunken base is suitable for an IML label so more information regarding ingredients, the EAN code etc. can be displayed.
  • Depending on type and brand, pots can be transparent, giving the consumer a sneak peek of the contents through two curved windows.

GIZEH produces the containers by way of injection molding and labels are applied to the sides and base using an in-mold procedure. Pots are produced in GIZEH’s Polish plant, located near Poznan.