Starting a career path at GIZEH Verpackungen in Bergneustadt

With the start of a new training year, GIZEH is boosting the region’s new talent pool once again: on the 1st August 2018, 15 young people (13 in the previous year) began their professional journey. With these new additions, the total number of trainees has risen to 40 young men and women across 10 professions in the commercial and technical-industrial sector.

Executives, trainers and managers all took the time to welcome our new 2018 starters on their first training day on the 1st of August. In addition to having breakfast and lunch together with current, more advanced trainees, various short games and tasks enabled everyone to get to know each other and to profit from sharing mutual experiences. We tried to make the new trainees feel at home from the very first day, so they could quickly become part of the team. A full plant tour not only helped trainees to get oriented on the premises, but also to get to know the employees in the different departments. It also gave us the opportunity to relate some important information regarding company procedures.

The targeted development of young talent has been a solid part of our company’s strategy for years. We have three training managers and 20 IHK certified trainers as part of our dedicated team. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Cologne has already recognized our efforts with an award for outstanding achievement in professional training. Our high training standards have a simple explanation: in order to have long-term success on the market as an internationally-oriented and innovative company, you need to have qualified employees. As such, the training provided at GIZEH Verpackungen is specific to the company’s needs and after trainees have passed the final examination, we can offer them positions of responsibility in interesting fields.

At GIZEH Verpackungen, we do not cease to develop our young talent with the final examination at the end of the training course. We also continue to offer individual education and training programmes after the initial training phase. As such, graduates from our training course are provided with excellent opportunities to keep progressing and to take on tasks with increasing levels of difficulty.

The company is already looking for new trainees in commercial and technical-industrial professions to start the course in 2019.

For more information on training, please visit our careers page.