Certificates and official seals

Certificates and official seals distinguish companies who abide by certain mandatory regulations on a voluntary basis.

An overview of GIZEH Verpackungen’s dedication:

Energy management system 50001

In 2011, GIZEH implemented an energy management system as per ISO 50001 which is based on a management model aimed to save energy in a sustainable manner. Not only do the improvements made reduce both energy consumption and production costs, but they also reduce CO2 emissions and, in doing so, impede global warming. Internal and external audits are carried out at GIZEH every year. They aim to determine whether objectives are being achieved. In 2020, energy management successfully adapted to the requirements of the new ISO 50001:2018 standard.

Energy Efficiency Networks Initiative

An energy efficiency network is a group of at least 5 companies or company sites, however in general one group consists of between 8 and 15 companies/company sites. Over a period usually lasting 2-3 years, they work together to exchange experience and ideas in a systematic, goal-oriented and non-bureaucratic manner in order to increase energy efficiency. The objective of these networks is for companies to significantly increase energy efficiency in the long term and, in doing so, create the potential to noticeably reduce energy costs.

(Source: http://www.effizienznetzwerke.org/initiative/hintergrund/)

GIZEH Verpackungen has been a member of a network since March 2018. In 2020, the network started the second phase – following the successful completion of the first.

Zero Pellet Loss

The initiative “Zero Pellet Loss" aims to minimize the amount of waste granulated plastic which enters the environment. All participating companies are asked to produce an action plan on how they aim to prevent granule waste and then implement this plan and train employees. GIZEH Verpackungen has been certified since 2017.

Sedex – Empowering Ethical Supply Chains

GIZEH has been a member of Sedex since 2013. Sedex is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to supporting ethically responsible supply chains. SEDEX stands for Supplier Ethical Data EXchange and is an online platform which member companies can use to disclose information regarding social and ethical processes and conduct. The platform aims to make the entire, global supply chain transparent.

Ecovadis – Sustainable Supply Management

Fairness pays off: GIZEH Verpackungen voluntarily chose to start reporting to Ecovadis in 2014. The rating company is a sustainability assessment platform for global procurement chains. Companies’ performances in terms of the environment, social issues and ethics are rated using scorecards. Over 24,000 suppliers from 95 countries are registered on the Ecovadis platform.

World Forest Foundation

GIZEH Verpackungen sponsors the "World Forest Climate Initiative", a partnership between the Economic Senate in Germany and the World Forest Foundation. The initiative principally aims to undertake reforestation and forest conservation projects across 500 million hectares of land around the world and achieve an annual CO2 reduction of around 5 billion tons.

ClimatePartner – Partner im Klimaschutz

GIZEH Verpackungen has been working with ClimatePartner since 2020. ClimatePartner is a climate protection solution provider for companies. They combine individual advice with cloud-based software that is unique to the market. Clients can utilise it to calculate and reduce CO2 emissions and offset unavoidable emissions. In this way, products and companies can become climate neutral, as endorsed  by the ClimatePartner label.