Social responsibility

We are happy to go above and beyond our duty.

Planting trees in Ethiopia

We will plant one tree for every million containers we produce! As such, GIZEH will be responsible for planting around 4,000 trees in Ethiopia each year.

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Trainers in Africa

GIZEH is involved in the programme “Trainers in Africa” through the organisation Opportunity International. As part of this programme, poor, yet highly motivated, young people in Ghana receive professional training, health insurance and tools to keep, all free of charge.

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Naume children’s foundation

We provide help where help is needed the most. GIZEH provides assistance to a support team based in North Uganda, Africa, an area plagued by civil war. The victims of this civil war are mainly children. More than half of them live alone in the Gulu district of North Uganda.

Read more - granting the wishes of children suffering from cancer

Based in Finnentrop, this initiative grants the wishes of children suffering from cancer. Siblings and parents of these children can also share in their joy. These activities can be a distraction from their serious illness and, while they don’t provide a cure, they can at least spread a little joie de vivre. You can find out more by visiting

You can find out more by visiting

Local involvement

In addition to nationwide organisations, GIZEH also supports local and regional non-profit associations, schools and nurseries by making either money or material donations.

Viva con Aqua /Goldeimer

The non-profit company “Goldeimer” has developed more than 70 eco-friendly toi-lets, which are used at festivals, and sells its own recycled toilet tissue carrying the “Blue Angel” eco label. GIZEH supports this company, whose mission is to educate people about the lack of sanitation world-wide and to support sanitation projects of its friends and partners Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe.